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Questions About Your Ceremony

We'd really like to meet you, so what's next?

Send me an email, call me on 0401-555-167, or complete my contact form.

I’ll be in touch right away to arrange a time to catch up and have a chat.

I'll talk about the wedding planning process as well as your wedding thoughts and plans.

Because I work as a full-time celebrant, I can chat with you during the day or evening. 

We  can talk on the phone, via Facetime, WhatsApp, Teams or meet in person. 

After our initial appointment if you want to hire me I'll arrange for the booking fee to be paid so we can secure your date. 

Once your date is secured we can start planning your ceremony. 

Will you travel outside of Melbourne?

Yes! On your wedding day, I will gladly travel to anywhere you need me.

We want to get married, what is the first step?

  • You have to complete and lodge a government form called the ‘NOIM’ with an authorized wedding celebrant. I will do all this for you.

  • You need to provide me with your original ID (birth certificate, passport, driver's license)

  •  If you were married before or widowed, you need to provide original documentation that you are free to marry on your wedding day. (divorce, or death certificate required)

  • You need to decide on the date and location of where you want to get married

  • You and your witnesses will need to be over 18

What will our first appointment consist of?

  • You will decide on the type of ceremony you would like

  • You will sign the legal documents required

  • A deposit will need to be made to secure the date required

Can a civil celebrant marry anyone in Australia?

Yes, as a Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant, I may perform a marriage for anyone of any nationality as long as they are over the age of 18, legally free to marry, and have all of the necessary documents.

Can you do a legals only ceremony as we are on a budget or want to elope?

Yes and yes again! My flexible price structure can meet all of your wedding day requirements. The sole stipulation is that you submit your "NOIM" notice of intent to marry 1 month before your wedding.

Do we need a translator if my fiance does not speak English?

Yes. If either of you or your witnesses cannot comprehend or speak English, please let me know because an accredited translator will be needed. Here are some details

How do I change my name after marriage?

If you would like to change your name on a legal document after your wedding, you will need to follow the following steps;
1. Wait until your marriage has been officially registered with the Registry of Births, Deaths + Marriages. (Please note that this process MAY take up to 4 weeks to finalise.)
2. If you have ordered an official government-issued certificate of marriage through me, it will automatically be generated once your marriage has been processed and posted out to you.
3. If you have not ordered a government-issued certificate through me, you can visit this website to do so.

 Get a marriage certificate | Births Deaths and Marriages Victoria (

3. Once you have received your government-issued certificate of marriage, you can start contacting each business to request a change of name.

Due to our circumstances, we need to give less than 1 month notice of our intended marriage. Are we able to do this?

Yes, this is possible; you will need to file a request for "shortening of time for notice" approval. Based on your circumstances, there are five reasons for approval:

1. Employment related or other travel commitments

2. Wedding or celebration arrangements, or religious considerations

3. Medical reasons

4. Legal proceedings 

5. Error in giving notice

Notice shortening application form | Births Deaths and Marriages Victoria (

You still need to submit your Notice of Intended Marriage, have me write a letter on your behalf and you will need to seek approval from a "Prescribed Authority"

Click here for a list of  Prescribed Authorities 

I am over 18 however my partner is 16 or 17, can we still get married?

Under the Marriage Act 1961 a person is able to get married once they reach 18 years.

Under section 12 of the Act, a person between 16 or 17 years of age may apply to a judge or magistrate in their State or Territory for an order authorizing them to marry a person over the age of 18. 

The act does not permit, under any circumstances, a marriage where both parties are under 18 years of age. In addition to the court order, it is also necessary to obtain the consent of parents/guardians to the marriage. 

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